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Saturday, 28 January 2012


Vimeo is a very user-friendly website that provides a wide range of high quality videos in a variety of languages that can be shared.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that learning should involve more than giving students information; rather it should also include creating opportunities for them to use and apply that information. Use of video in the classroom can do just that!

Use videos to get your students speaking. Select an interesting snippet from a video (I've embedded one I particularly like below). Let your students watch it without the audio then have them suggest what the characters might be saying in that scene. Replay the scene with the audio so they can see how their suggestions compare.

Another interesting variation would be to select just one image from the video and ask students open-ended questions based on the selected image.

The site is designed for the general public and so the homepage offers general videos that may not be easy to incorporate into a lesson. It would therefore be more time effective to click the Explore tab on the homepage or use the Categories page to have the videos listed according to topic.

Temps Mort from Temps Mort on Vimeo.

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