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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Todays Meet


This user-friendly website provides a free basic service that allows teachers to create a virtual log of questions, answers and/or suggestions raised by students while engaged in group work. 

If you believe that language learning is enhanced through giving/receiving feedback or through social interaction then this tool should prove quite useful.

In the classroom context, you can use this tool for realtime record keeping. Consider for example, the traditional brainstorming activity. This usually involves students calling out ideas while you take note of them on the board. This can be time-consuming, disorderly and pointless if students do not themselves write down the ideas. Using this tool can therefore help with classroom management, rather than calling out their ideas, students can simultaneously enter their thoughts online which will then be automatically updated and saved online, with the possibility of downloading and distributing for later review. 

This tool's most obvious limitation is that it is only available online. Classrooms must therefore be equipped with Internet-access in order to use it.

Also, in larger classes, it becomes difficult to ensure 100% student participation, since pair work can easily result in one student taking the lead while the other does not participate.


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  2. Hi Bua! Thanks for posting. I'll do my best to keep up!