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Wednesday, 18 January 2012



This interactive website contains a variety of vocabulary items in a number of different languages. It also even offers interactive reading passages and grammar guides in a few select languages.

Learning vocabulary can sometimes be boring for students. This site makes vocabulary-learning fun and can potentially motivate students to learn topic specific vocabulary outside the language classroom. Students can choose their level and practice their listening and speaking skills on a variety of topics.

Given that each topic contains labelled diagrams, each webpage can serve as a potential printable worksheet. Teachers can say a vocabulary item and have students write down the word in the appropriate space.

As a homework assignment, students can be instructed to review a particular topic on the website and then write a story using all or some of the items featured.

This site focuses primarily on audio comprehension and repetition activities, it is therefore up to the teacher to incorporate the vocabulary provided in other skill areas. 

Also, the website is a work in progress: some categories, such as the Grammar pages available in French are not available in English. 

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